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Eleri was born and raised in Estonia. After succesful career in magazines she decided to establish her life as a photographer in New York. Shortly after graduating from the New York Film Academy she was engaged with several projects from working with celebrities to capturing moments on the streets.

Eleri has a strong intuitive vision and her photographs carry emotional heritage.
Her passion is to study pure, honest emotions behind the first impression. She is on an everlasting endeavor to understand the astonishing balance of the universe and the eccentricity of the human mind. Her motivation keeps her looking how to bind them together.

“For me photography is like life. It can’t exist without positive and negative. Feeling gloom and loneliness or cherishing joy and cohesion are all part of our everyday life. It’s just usually we react to them how we’ve been taught to. I’m experimenting with a different approach, I don’t see things how they are,

I feel how they can be.”

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