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Timeless New York

Permanent photo installation

May 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

New York...  the city of contrasts. Beggars and superstars, both move side by side on the streets providing interesting material for shooting. While I started putting this exhibition together, I realized, that I've been intuitively capturing images of eras. Eras which I haven't been able to experience myself, but are permanently preserved in this city. Massive architecture, familiar bridges from movie scenes, velvet soft jazz, Mad Men-esque rhythm of life and rainbow colored subway lines, all worked in concert to awaken my emotions. The first Macy's department store in New York was built in the same year as Estonia was having a Mahtra War. Audrey Hepburn stepped up in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's while back home my mother didn't even have electricity. These facts create awe, but give me sense of enthusiasm all at once. The city which is ever changing and fast-paced, yet miraculously enough there is a sense of timelessness and elegance preserved, always! 

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